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Revenge In Kind
A Novella

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A Few Facts

Revenge In Kind was originally written as a screenplay and was made into a feature film of the same title in 2017. The movie version is available online as a DVD, Blu-Ray, or on streaming. The novella is derived from the original version of the screenplay, whose finale differs from the as-shot movie.


Peek Inside


For several blocks, Maria stared out the window with tears in her eyes. Then the bus stopped right in front of a gun shop. Maria focused on it. She scrambled up and, pushing her way through the crowd standing in the aisle, exited.
She stood indecisively outside the shop. Then she turned away and stood at the bus stop again. Her eyes were closed as she recalled to herself how the man in the blue car had come only occasionally to the bus stop at first, but now he showed up frequently. She had even seen him follow her at a distance when she walked from the bus stop to her duplex. No, she thought to herself, he was not going to stop. And she knew he was somehow becoming bolder. She was certain in her own mind that he intended to hurt her, but she didn’t know what to do about it. She had to do something to save herself. She shivered, crossed herself, and strode with determination into the shop.


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