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Short Stories

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Praise for Moments

     Moments by K.C. Bailey is a beautifully written book that captures the complexities of life in a series of powerful vignettes. This collection of stories, each one no longer than a few pages, is a testament to Bailey’s ability to capture the essence of a moment and convey its emotional impact concisely and effectively....

     ...One of the things that impressed me most about the stories in Moments was how Bailey created such vivid and memorable characters in such a short amount of space. Each introduces us to a new complete character, making it easy to become emotionally invested in their journey. From the couple struggling to keep their relationship alive to a father being true to his commitment to a dream, Bailey has a gift for capturing the human experience in all its complexity.

     In Moments Bailey uses language to create vivid and evocative imagery. Her prose is masterful and immersive, whether describing the quiet beauty of a snow-covered landscape or the tumultuous emotions of a character in the middle of a crisis. It’s clear that she has a deep appreciation for the power of language and its ability to connect us to the world around us.

~Marlene Caraballo

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Top-Notch Story-Telling

" favorite [story] is “The Offensive Agnostic.” I love it, and I think it's a great story. I'm very touched by it. It’s exceptionally strong and beautifully written. It's clear, concise, and authentic. Not an inch of wasted space. The insights it contains are profound. It had a distinct impact on me. The last page brought a lump to my throat. A tremendously valuable piece of writing."

~JFB on Amazon

A Few Facts

Moments is a volume of short stories, half of which are fiction and the other, autobiographical. Some are witty and humorous; others, introspective. All speak to life moments we humans share, ranging from falling in all-consuming love to the slow slide out of love, from the gratification of victory to the downer of defeat, and the phenomenon we all dread, grief. The tales move with a quick pace and entertain with insight.

Peek Inside

From "Loving Ace"


     Midway, I stopped in my tracks when a woman across the room caught my eye. Her back was to me, and what a beautiful back it was. The plunging line of her dress revealed her bare skin almost to her waist. The forest green dress itself was lovely too—long-sleeved with a full skirt. The material seemed heavy. Velvet or velveteen?

     I stepped back against the wall and took a sip of wine, wondering if she’d turn around and be as enticing from the front. Although I waited for several minutes, she didn’t turn. But it was interesting to note little things about her without seeing her face. She was animated as she spoke, with graceful movements of her hands. And her laugh was no discreet giggle with her hand over her mouth. The woman threw back her head and positively chortled with delight at something amusing said by one of the three men enjoying conversation with her.

     I gave up on the idea that she’d turn around any time soon and decided to visit the food table to take a small plate with me to the library. As I surveyed the array of food options, I greeted a couple of other club members who were piling their plates. I selected a couple of gougères, some of my own quiche, and a tad of smoked salmon, then headed again for the library.

     No one was there when I entered. I set my plate on the side table between two wing-backed chairs facing the fire and sat. I was grateful for the momentary solitude.

     Although a party isn’t an ideal time and place to reflect on important questions, I took this opportunity to spend a few moments reflecting on something in my life that needed resolution. Elaine, whom I had been dating for almost a year, would ordinarily have been my date to this party. But I decided not to ask her and was beginning to avoid her. The reason? She was pressing me to agree to move in together. I wasn’t willing to take that step for two reasons.


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