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K. C. Bailey

       In the course of my career, I have been many things—PhD graduate, public servant, educator, farmer, artist, and author. The variety of my life experiences enables me to see issues from many perspectives and has given me many tales to tell. Below is a brief summary of the roles I have filled to earn a living.
      I grew up in Dallas and moved to Illinois during high school. After earning a PhD in Political Science from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, I began a career in intelligence and national security affairs. I was the first social scientist ever hired at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where I headed a group to analyze foreign weapons of mass destruction programs and capabilities.
      After 5 years at the Laboratory, I accepted a governmental appointment in Washington D.C. I served in three high-level positions, including as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, and then the Senate-confirmed Presidential appointment as Assistant Director of the Arms Control & Disarmament Agency.

       Following government service, I taught at George Mason University and lectured at several universities including the NATO War College in Rome. I authored books and many articles on defense and foreign affairs.
       Upon retiring from academia, my husband and I made a huge life change. We became farmers. We took agriculture courses at a community college and bought 4 acres of land, where for 10 years we successfully produced organic fruits, vegetables, and eggs for restaurants, grocery stores, and bakeries.
       While being a farmer, I also pursued my true passions—painting, writing, and photography. Although I continue to consult on national security affairs, I am now a full-time artist and author.


In addition to the books on this website published by Meerkat Publications, I have authored a number of books published by large houses. Most of them are listed on my Wikipedia entry. Also, there is a website devoted to my publications, both books and articles, here. This image is with me and my book Cordelia Bailey Photography (Frisco Books).

In December 2023, D Magazine published a very entertaining article
about me and my books. It is available here.

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