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Filming An Indie

A Diary of Making Revenge In Kind

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Note on a Review

Once in a while an author is blessed to receive an exhilarating review, one that is unexpected and well-written...and positive. I share one with you below that was posted on Barnes & Noble.

Brilliant, Thought-Provoking Memoir. A Must Read!

A memoir of life’s next steps, taking chances, and relationships, Filming An Indie: A Diary of Making Revenge in Kind, is a captivating adventure that extends far beyond its informative surface. While this volume may be a new, independent film-maker’s holy grail, it is Bailey's personal account of her journey that makes the true guts of the book. The plot expands to be a series of page-turning, poignant experiences, inviting the reader to not only ponder the hand that life has dealt Bailey, but also admire the strength and perspective she maintains. Interleaved throughout the story are excerpts depicting the evolution of her relationships as well as her navigation of various personal circumstances, including grief, health, family and more, giving the work its flesh and feel. Through such vignettes, the remarkable degree of introspection that Bailey reveals and provokes in the reader becomes a true feat of the book. She poses questions of life, love, purpose, and ethics. Steadfast in her visions with an impeccable attention to detail, it is impossible to not appreciate Bailey's keen, analytical mind whilst simultaneously indulging in the wisps of personality she adds throughout the filmmaking chapters. It is witty and elegant, dotted with brilliant traces of humor that brings the story to life. This memoir is a portrait of navigating the unknowns, taking risks, and the art of human bonding. Filming An Indie: A Diary of Making Revenge in Kind is a must-read. Parallel to the sentiment that is felt upon reaching the end of this memoir, Bailey gently reminds us that life is about the journey.

-- C.A., Brooklyn, NY

Peek Inside


Meeting Angel

As I drove to the airport to pick Angel up, I thought about how I didn’t even know who he really was. I had not seen his photo; I didn’t know his race, physique, or personality. Here I was, having a man come and stay with me about whom I had so many questions. What if he were a thief? A slob? A psychotic? A cat-hater? Too obese to sleep on my guest air mattress? In fact, all I knew about him was that he liked my screenplay, had a relevant resume, and was once a work colleague of my cousin’s. But my cousin had told me nothing about Angel as a person and I’d neglected to ask. Adding to the uncertainty, I had no idea of how long he was to stay, whether it would be a couple of days or more than a week.


I felt a little crazy, second-guessing myself as I drove to the airport. Then I felt a moment of giddiness. This is what this movie experience is all about, I told myself—doing something whacky, unusual, and daring. I was throwing caution to the wind. I was no longer the conservative 66-year-old widow; I was a filmmaker! I would greet this unknown person and try him on for size. Would he help or hurt my cause?


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