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Meerkat Publications

Relax with Entertaining Reading

Image of book front cover with title against a painting of green jungle plants against a vibrant blue background.

17 quick-paced stories with great characters and lively plots.

Paperback $10.95

E-Book $ 3.99

Image of the front cover of book, Filming An Indie. A stark figure stands in the background, seen through the window of an open car door.

Behind-the-scenes close-up of what it's like to make a movie from the perspective of a woman who thought it was her last act.

Paperback $10.99

E-Book $3.99

Audio Book FREE!

Gold lettered title on a deep blood-red background textured with ghostly traces of climbing vine.

A whirlwind novel about terrorists who use biological weapons. Life as it is—not always a rosy tale.

Paperback $9.95

E-Book $3.95

Image of book front cover, a black background with a splash of blood-red color in the upper right, behind a white title.

The original story of the feature film of the same title. A detective procedural with unexpected twists of plot.

Paperback $8.95

E-Book $2.99

Buy Now orders are fulfilled through Amazon. You also have the choice of using Barnes & Noble or, for E-Books only, AppleBooks.

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